Christmas on Georgia Ave. Once Included Parades, Could it Again?

(Image from Washington Post, December 14, 1938)

I’ve found that our section of Georgia Avenue hosted holiday parades in 1937 and 1938 marking the start of the Christmas season. The image above is from the 1938 season. That season the parade route was from Park Road to Rock Creek Church Road and included a reviewing stand at Princeton Place, attracting more than 10,000 viewers.

I wonder what it would take to bring such an event back to Georgia Avenue. Is a vibrant business corridor necessary before a holiday parade can occur, or would such an event draw crowds that would give mom and pop shops a bump in revenue and encourage new businesses to locate here. I would think it would be sustainable considering that the DC Caribbean Carnival Parade happens annually in June. More importantly, would residents even want something like this today?

But, back to the 1938 parade. After the jump you can read the article that accompanied the image above.


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One Comment on “Christmas on Georgia Ave. Once Included Parades, Could it Again?”

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