You Me Them Everybody Kicks Off Program in Park View

Last Thursday, Brandon Wetherbee and crew kicked off their DC debut of You Me Them Everybody at the Looking Glass Lounge, 3634 Georgia Avenue. Host Wetherbee describes the show as being “in the same vein as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Fresh Air if Terry Gross drank on air and liked comedy too much.”

The talk show has been going on for a little over a year in Chicago and is recorded for podcast.

I attended the first show and agree that it reminds me a lot of NPR — but edgier. There was live music, guest interviews, and a stand-up comic among the line-up. Barring any opening night quirks, the show showed promise. My only complaint was in some of the material the comic chose to use — the chief example being a “4 minute” joke about him being on 17th Street and trying to convince a guy that he was not interested in gratuitous oral gratification. That stated, the joke was on par for with many of the themes that one encounters if you happen to be at the Looking Glass during one of their Comedy Nights.

To get a better sense of what You Me Them Everybody is like, and to hear about this coming Thursday’s show, you can watch Wetherbee’s promotion below.


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One Comment on “You Me Them Everybody Kicks Off Program in Park View”

  1. JM Says:

    Ugh. That’s why I never joined a frat.

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