Park View First to Host Community Thanksgiving in D.C. (1916)

Philander P. Claxton, Commissioner, Burreau of Education, spoke at the first Park View community Thanksgiving

Park View was the first Washington neighborhood to host a community Thanksgiving, doing so on November 30, 1916, in the auditorium of the newly completed Park View School. No doubt, the pride the community had in their newly dedicated school — something they were truly thankful for after years of lobbying Congress — had a significant part in mobilizing the community to organize this event.

According to an article in the Washington Times (below), the community Thanksgiving took its inspiration from the original New England event that occurred 300 years prior.

Among the special guests at the 1916 Park View Thanksgiving were Philander P. Claxton, Commissioner of Education, and President Wilson’s daughter, Margaret, who sang at the event.

You can read more and see a picture of the community in 1916 by going to last year’s Thanksgiving post.

Report of the first Park View Community Thanksgiving, from the Washington Times, December 15, 1916


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  1. […] Below is a photo from the Library of Congress that shows D.C.’s first community Thanksgiving celebration in the newly constructed Park View School ( November 1916). To read the story behind the photo,  see my previous post here. […]

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