Soldiers’ Home’s Scott Statue

The Scott statue was erected in 1873

Washingtonians are well aware of the equestrian statue of General Winfield Scott in Scott Circle, but many probably are unaware that there is a second statue commemorating Scott. The second work is on the grounds of the Soldiers’ Home.

The artist responsible for the Soldiers’ Home’s statue was Launt Thompson (1833-1894), who also created the statue of Admiral Du Pont that originally graced Dupont Circle. The statue of Scott was erected on a prominent overlook east of the Randolph Street entrance to the grounds in 1873. A 1958 article in the Washington Post listed the Scott effigy as one of five lesser known public sculptures in Washington.

Scott's effigy is on a prominent hill and faces south


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6 Comments on “Soldiers’ Home’s Scott Statue”

  1. ChrisC Says:

    That is such a wonderful park, and historic. So I wonder, are there any old soldiers there? Seriously, it used to be open to the public–is there a chance it could be again? A GOP Congress might ask why all the cloistering.

  2. Joanne Says:

    Having seen the statue of General Winfield Scott, I have to say that the whole park is well worth a visit if you are in the area. The whole place is full of culture and history.

  3. There are many places around the world like this, which have monuments in a court yard in the middle of beautiful houses. The history which surrounds places like this is truly amazing, and residents both old and new should work hard in order to preserve their history.

  4. Oliver Says:

    My nan lives near to this area, I have visited a few times, whilst over from England. Obviously my nan takes great pride in showing me all of the history and culture in the surrounding area. I come from a very run down area in the South West of England and something of this nature would have been trashed by now, so it is good to see something that is fully respected by the residents in the surrounding areas.

  5. Jo Says:

    There is a similar monument close to where I live, it represents the soldiers who lost their lives during the first world war. It is well looked after and poppies are laid on it on remembrance Sunday.

  6. ~~~mh Says:

    Just saw this statue on Sunday (when the Soldiers’ Home was open to DCCX)! Glad to have the oppty to view it & experience the statue’s overview of the DC landscape.

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