Graham and Gray Close Out Election Day in Park View

Park View resident reside in precincts 38 and 43, where they voted at the Cesar Chavez and Park View Rec Center respectively

After spending the entire day outside of the Park View Rec Center yesterday, it was nice to see Jim Graham and Vincent Gray arrive there shortly before the polls closed at 8 p.m. to close out the night.  The Park View Rec Center is the polling place for Precinct 43 and serves northern Park View. The southern portion of the neighborhood is in Precinct 38, which is currently using the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School at Kenyon and Sherman as their polling place.

While I felt the turnout to be low — Precinct 38 had a turn out of 712 (21% of registered voters) and  Precinct 43 had a turnout of 565 (28% of registered voters) — poll workers indicated that the numbers were a bit higher than they expected.

At the end of the day after the votes were counted, the following candidates won their elections and will be representing us.

Mayor: Vincent Gray
DC Council Ward 1: Jim Graham
DC Council Chairman: Kwame Brown
DC Council At-Large: David Catania, Phil Mendelson
ANC 1A08: Kent Boese
ANC 1A09: Bobby Holmes
AND 1A10: Lenwood Johnson
DC Board of Education, Ward 1: Patrick Mara


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