Tag! YOU’RE graffITi

Recent tag at Warder & Irving Streets, NW

No matter how ‘interesting’ a tag – a form of signature used by graffiti artists –  may look, graffiti is unlawful in DC (D.C. Code §  22-3312.01). This tag was recently seen at Warder & Irving Streets, NW.  Citizens can use the DC Service Request Center to submit Graffiti Removal request online, or, call 3-1-1.

(BTW, I see a morphed PV [Park View] in this tag; regardless, I seek its Permanent remoVal!)


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4 Comments on “Tag! YOU’RE graffITi”

  1. j Says:

    more like ‘pussy vandalism’.

  2. Idiots…

    They can’t even do their vandalism in English or any other discernable language beside that of the lost fools.

  3. JulesonPrinceton Says:

    What’s the deal with the Park View Rec Center tag that has been there for quite some time. It’s on the Princeton Pl side; on the brick.

  4. […] a few days of submitting an online request to City Services for graffiti removal, the spray painted tag has since been covered […]

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