ANC 1A09 Candidate Profile: Sam Moore

Map showing locations of ANC 1A SMDs 8, 9, and 10

While ANC 1A09 candidate Sam Moore is a newer resident to the area – having moved to the 700 block of Morton Street a year and a half ago – he quickly developed a deep appreciation of his community. Having a history of community service that dates back to student council in High School, running for his Single Member District (SMD) seat was an obvious extension of his desire to publicly serve.

In sitting down with Moore, he explained that he had an immediate appreciation for Washington from the moment he arrived. Moore grew up in a smaller community near Springfield, Missouri. One of the things he likes about Washington is its small town feel. “You actually get to meet and know your neighbors here,” states Moore, “which is not something you can do in other large cities.”

As to his vision for greater Park View, there is also a commitment to keep affordable housing affordable. “No one should ever be forced out of their home,” insists Moore. He also likes Georgia Avenue’s character and daily rhythm. “It’s not like 14th Street, and I hope it never becomes another 14th Street,” continued Moore. “I wouldn’t be supportive of a Starbucks moving into the area, but would support an independent coffee shop,” he adds. That would be in keeping with his vision for the area.

Focusing on the changes he’d like to see for his SMD, he quickly focuses on trash. Nothing would make him happier than cleaner streets and a city committed to making that a priority. He identified the Summer Youth Employment Program as one program that could help. “I know picking up litter isn’t glamorous,” says Moore, “but it’s important and a lot better use of the youth than nothing.”

An accountant by profession, Moore is a facts and figures person. He supports mass transit and smart growth. According to him, he supports any development that supports the community’s needs and is a fiscally sound investment. Whether streetcars, bus rapid transit, or new construction, he prefers to see actual data to make an informed decision rather than accept an argument on faith.

With regards to his role on the ANC should he win election, he summarizes it directly: ANC1A needs to recommit itself to process. Without process, meetings tend to get derailed and last longer than they need to.

Moore’s competition in the 1A09 race is Bobby Holmes and incumbent LaKeisha Thomas.

(Editor’s note: All candidates for ANC 1A SMDs 8, 9, and 10, have been invited and are welcome to a profile on this blog.)


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5 Comments on “ANC 1A09 Candidate Profile: Sam Moore”

  1. Bernard Says:

    Although I was a little skeptical of Sam Moore at first, after meeting him a couple times it has become clear to me that there is not another candidate as dedicated and committed to seeing our neighborhood thrive. His attention to detail and his willingness to go the extra mile make him (at least to me) the obvious best choice in our ANC1A election.

  2. Chris Says:

    Thrive? He hates Starbucks but supported Morgan Seafood at one of the ANC meetings. Thats the opposite of thrive.

    • I agree…

      Beside, having a Starbucks is a good thing for any neighborhood.

      There is a reason they are everywhere. They make great coffee.

      Progress should be lead and controlled, not stopped.

  3. […] to find out very little about Holmes. Moore was featured in mid-October on this blog, so you can learn more about him here. Thomas should be better known to most since she is the current commissioner. In addition to being […]

  4. […] Holmes is running in addition to Sam Moore and incumbent LaKeisha Thomas. In addition to his candidacy statement below, you can find out more […]

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