Then and Now: 600 Block of Park Road

Park Road 1960Park Road 2010

(The south side of the 600 block of Park Road in April, 1960 (left), and today (right). Historic image courtesy of the D.C. Housing Authority)

The historic image above was taken on April 29, 1960, and shows some of the earliest homes to be constructed in the neighborhood. This area of Park View originally belonged to Frank P. May, who’s estate was called Bellevue. The homes in the distance at 636 to 640 Park Road were designed by Fredrick G. Atkinson and built by Atkinson & Sherwood in 1895. To the east (right) of them, at 642 and 644 Park Road, were two homes built by James T. Levy in 1893. The residence at 646 Park Road was built in 1896 by Fred A. Volland. Just to the east at 648 Park Road was a residence designed by Ferdinand G. Purner and built by O.W. Niedomanski in 1899. The commercial building in the foreground was added in 1911. With the exception of 646, 648, and 650 Park Road, these homes were all razed to make way for the Park Morton housing complex.


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