Mixing Politics and Fun, Block Party Attracts Council Candidates and More

Jeff Smith chatting with neighbors on the 400 block of Columbia Road

Saturday, September 11, the  lower 3000 block of Park Place and the 400 block of Columbia Road had a pleasant block party that not only included food and face painting this year, but also more politicians than you could shack a stick at.

This year’s event was the third annual gathering that these block have organized. Due to the political season, candidates for city council and the ANC 1A10 seat were also invited to get to know the neighbors better. I was impressed that all candidates accepted the invitations.

Bryan Weaver arrived the earliest and spent a significant amount of his visit tossing the pigskin with some of the neighborhood children. Jeff Smith swung by and spent some quality time chatting with residents.  Jim Graham brought his dog, Guapo, and characteristically asked folks if there were any issues that needed city attention.

While no mayoral candidates attended, the Fenty campaign did have representatives there ever pressing for a few more votes.

Outside of the big three, ANC 1A10 candidates Lenwood Johnson and Jonathan Madison also arrived. While we’ll have an answer in the council race on Tuesday, the ANC races will worth following for several weeks to come.


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5 Comments on “Mixing Politics and Fun, Block Party Attracts Council Candidates and More”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m ever grateful for our democracy and that I have the privilege and opportunity of voting, but I’ll be glad when this primary is over . . . there have been too many door knocks from candidate supporters (not the candidates themselves) and robocalls this election cycle.

  2. Jason Says:

    Thanks for this useful update. I wasn’t able to attend the block party but hung out with Jeff and his campaign on Sunday in Adams Morgan.

    As a young gay man and resident of the D.C. Metro Area since 2005, I admire the iconic Jim Graham and understand his extensive record of public service as broadly beneficial for the dynamic and rich community I see now flourishing in much of Ward 1.

    But Graham has been in power for nearly 12 years. Meanwhile, economic and social disparities have been on a vertiginous rise in D.C. In sight of Graham’s support for sweetheart deals for well-heeled condominium developers, his acquiescence in the Taylorization of the Public Schools, and his belated attention to the profound needs of the neglected Georgia Avenue corridor, my feelings toward Graham become more complicated.

    What Ward 1 deserves now is a representative whose practical commitment to constituent services is founded on a broad vision of social and economic progress for all. I think Jeff is that leader, and I appreciate the excellent coverage your blog has given his campaign.

  3. ~~~mh Says:

    How super awesome that this neighborhood block party officially became part of the campaign trail?!
    Also, great to see the Ward 1 candidates (+ staffers) there all at the same time being cordial.

  4. Jack V. Says:

    I can’t beleive this Lenwood Johnson guy is still our ANC rep. He is reactionary, an NRA member, publically said he’d voted John McCain before voting for Obama during the Dem Primary in 2008, and is a key supporter of the “House” strip club on Georgia Ave. that enables it to stay in business. This devisive, reactionary jerk stays in power because most people are unaware of who he is and his backroom deals.

    But don’t take my word for it, check this out in the City paper: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2010/01/14/local-democrat-explains-vote-against-voting-rights-admits-illegal-gun-possession/

  5. […] In Washington, summer wouldn’t be summer without humidity and block parties. While the same can’t be said of the humidity, who doesn’t enjoy a good block party? On the surface, these community gatherings are a great way to meet neighbors, enjoy tasty food and swap stories. During a political year, they’ve also been known to attract candidates running for office, such as the one held on the 400 block of Columbia Road did earlier this year. […]

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