Georgia Ave/Petworth Bikeshare Installation Begins

New bikeshare equipment on Rock Creek Church Rd.

Installation of the new DDOT Bikeshare service at the Georgia Avenue/Petworth location began today. Due to the name, I originally thought this would be located closer to the Metro station. Instead, it’s located on the northeast corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Rock Creek Church Road.

This bikeshare station is one of three that will be available to Park View residents. The other two are scheduled for the corner of 11th Street & Lamont in Columbia Heights, and Georgia Avenue between Euclid and Fairmont at Howard University.


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4 Comments on “Georgia Ave/Petworth Bikeshare Installation Begins”

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  2. db Says:

    Irony or exhaustion? It’s right on top of the metro exit! 🙂

    i want to get excited, but it dawned on me today–where would I ride to? Soldier’s home is closed, grant circle dangerous… I guess over to rock creek?

  3. sheepprofessor Says:

    Grant Circle is dangerous? Do tell.

    I believe (on semi-remembered first-hand information) that the mastermind behind Capital Bikeshare is a Park View resident…

  4. Omar Says:

    Sometimes when the bus isn’t running I’ll ride from Georgia Ave-Petworth to Howard University to cut down on the distance of the walk home. Georgia Ave is also a good backup for bikes when the Columbia Heights station is full, and the ride from there to Adams Morgan and Woodley Park is pretty easy.

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