Lost Park View: York Haberdasher

York Haberdasher ca. 1980

York Haberdasher was a fixture in Park View for 35 years. It was owned and operated by Carl Lane, who opened his store at 3600 Georgia Avenue in 1946.

Lane not only existed on Georgia Avenue, he thrived. In 1965 he expanded his business twice. In April he increased his store from 2,000 square feet to 45,000. Then again in October he expanded further into the neighboring buildings for a total of 11,000 square feet and a frontage along Georgia Avenue of 110 feet.

Carl Lane, owner of York Haberdasher

In 1968, the York Haberdasher was among the businesses burned in the riots. While Lane could have retired on the insurance money, he chose to rebuild his store in what had been an American Security Bank building at 3608 Georgia Avenue. According to news accounts, the neighboring Woolworth’s and Peoples Drug were also burned, but they chose not to return to the community.

The beginning of the end came on the evening of January 14, 1980. After closing up the shop, Lane was gunned down in the parking lot next to his store. According to the ensuing trial, the shooting was in retaliation for the dismissal of a store employee that did not want to be reported for shoplifting.

Upon Lane’s death, his wife Doris continued to run the store. Ultimately, the store was closed by September, 1981.

Today, the site of the former haberdasher is occupied by the E.L. Haynes school.

Billboard for York Haberdasher on Sherman Avenue, ca 1960

(Note: I am seeking better images of this business. Please contact me if you have any leads. Thank you.)


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6 Comments on “Lost Park View: York Haberdasher”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Thats a good one, you find some of the most amazing stuff!

  2. […] photograph of 3608 Georgia just as it was completed in 1920. After American Security vacated 3608, York Haberdasher expanded into the space. The old bank building stood until razed to make way for the E.L. Haynes School which now occupies […]

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  4. […] both staff and customers. The bank was located where E.L. Haynes is currently, and became part of York Haberdasher in […]

  5. […] been located along the 3600 block of Georgia. Most notably, these include the York Theater, the York Haberdasher, York Barber shop, and York Auto […]

  6. Art Hackney Says:

    This is great,! I worked at York for 13 years. A real training ground for a young man returning from Vietnam in 1967. I am amaze to still run across some of York’s customers with fond memories. Art

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