Infrastructure Improvements in the Area

Area infrastructure continues to improve. The section of Irving Street east of Park Place has been repaved, as has the lower Park Place/Columbia Road loop at the south end of the neighborhood. Residents may recall that this same area received new sidewalks in January 2010.

Those walking along Warder Street will also notice that there are many new crosswalks in the area. Over the last couple of weeks the crosswalks at the intersection of Newton Place and Warder were replaced. You can see a picture of that intersection below.

New crosswalks at Newton and Warder


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3 Comments on “Infrastructure Improvements in the Area”

  1. Chris Says:

    This is a repair work for snow storm damage, so its not really improvements. The trucks busted up the curbs pretty bad.

  2. Jon Says:

    There’s also a nice new lighted crosswalk on New Hampshire at Otis — will make the walk to the charter school at Otis & Georgia safer for kids coming from Columbia Heights.

  3. […] the end of August/beginning of September, DDOT completely repaved Park Place below Kenyon Street, including Columbia Road and continuing […]

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