Some Area Fire Hydrants in Need of Service

Leaking hydrant at nw corner of Newton & Warder

I was a bit surprised to see not one, but two fire hydrants that were leaking severely in the area. The one that bothers me the most is on the northwest corner of Newton Place and Warder Street … in front of the school.

It is clearly marked “Out of Service” and has been for a while. There is a constant stream of water flowing from it. Though I haven’t taken any measurements, it wouldn’t shock me to discover that a couple of gallons of water were leaking out of it each hour.

The other hydrant is on the southwest corner of Princeton Place and Georgia Avenue. The rate of water loss at this one is nowhere near as severe.

Leaking hydrant @ sw corner of Georgia & Princeton

I found it noteworthy that this hydrant is clearly marked as being “in service.”

I’ll certainly be following up on these to find out when they are scheduled to be repaired. I’m especially concerned about how long the hydrant by the school will be off-line. While I’m not going to suggest that any down hydrant isn’t a priority, I would think that hydrants near schools, hospitals, or other such buildings should be a higher priority.

Does anyone know if there are other broken hydrants around the neighborhood, or are these the only two examples at this time?


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3 Comments on “Some Area Fire Hydrants in Need of Service”

  1. Alan Heymann Says:


    You and your readers can always feel free to call us at (202) 612-3400 to report fire hydrant problems. You can find more information about hydrants, including what the colored rings mean and a Google Earth map of every single one in public space, here.

  2. Cliff Says:

    the one at Princeton and Park Place is out of service as well.

  3. […] at Warder and Newton Streets Finally Getting Repaired Back on August 31st I posted about some area fire hydrants that were in need of repair. One of them was at the Park View School […]

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