What Should Be the Future of Bruce Monroe Park?

So far, I’ve received the following postcard a total of two times in the mail announcing the “newest community park in Ward One.” The reverse of the card contains the same phrase in Spanish along with the information that the park is the outcome of a $2 million investment.

Considering the investment in development, and now the investment in informing the community about this new Georgia Avenue asset, I can’t help but wonder how this fits in with the RFP issued for the redevelopment of this 3 acre site. Readers may recall that the RFP contains two options, one to develop the site with a new school and a mixed-use development, and one to develop the site commercially and renovate the Park View school.

Now, upon receiving these post cards and hearing many positive comments, I wonder if there isn’t a third option … that of just keeping the park. While maintaining the park or redeveloping the site without a new school has its critics, removal of a publicly used park is also likely to meet with community resistance.

So what do you think? Should the property be redeveloped or left as a park?


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11 Comments on “What Should Be the Future of Bruce Monroe Park?”

  1. LaurenMcK Says:

    I guess as someone who lives across the street from the park, I didn’t need a postcard to tell me it was there and open, but I’m surprised there wasn’t a ribbon cutting ceremony, welcoming people in. Maybe for Phase II?

  2. politics Says:

    i’m ok with the idea of a half park/half city-owned and leased-out space where the leasing income goes toward expanding and maintaining the schools which took on bruce-monroe students.

  3. anon Says:

    The kids and parents and teachers of the old school were promised a new school and promised that the park would be temporary. That promise should be honored.

    join the People’s Property Campaign

    for a planning meeting for the


    Monday, August 23
    6:30-8:30 PM
    1419 V St, NW

    Planning & Strategizing for the the Campaign to Save Bruce-Monroe
    – community outreach planning
    – planning rally at City Council in September

    RSVP to Parisa@… or (202) 234-9119

    DID you know?

    · Bruce-Monroe was fully enrolled and was not a failing school

    · The School was one of only two dual Spanish/English language programs in DCPS

    · The school was closed under an agreement that it would be rebuilt by fall 2011

    · Now Fenty says there is no money, and they are offering the site for private development!

    · Don’t be fooled – the playground on the Bruce-Monroe site is temporary – until the city can try to give the land away.

    · 121130918Join us to demand that our neighborhood school be rebuilt, as promised!

    Parisa B. Norouzi
    Executive Director
    1419 V St, NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    (202) 234-9119

    • politics Says:


      not that i don’t agree with you, but it seems like you haven’t even considered the idea of using this as an opportunity to have BOTH a park in our neighborhood AND newer, improved schools.

      i think both are valid options. you seem very determined in a cause but i didn’t see anything in your list of facts that would be easiest/best/cheapest solved by re-building a school in that lot.

      does your group have any stats or information on cost disparities between plans? p.s. by pointing fingers at fenty alone you are displaying an inherent political bias which may be damaging to your cause.

      • anon Says:

        I have no dog in the mayoral race fight. Fenty is mentioned because he is the one claiming that the funds don’t exist to honor the original agreement. My interest is in restoring the school for the kids in the neighborhood.

  4. Leave it a park… there are enough schools in this city.

    Promises mean nothing in politics, they only get votes.

  5. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    So, so many things to say about this. After I got this postcard in the mail I was furious.

    One, it’s a blatant use of city dollars for campaign purposes (come on, how many post cards do you get about good stuff in this city other than during an election year?).

    Two, they are touting spending $2M on a TEMPORARY park when many existing parks just in Ward One are floundering (this doesn’t even include all the parks in other Wards that are in desparate need of a small portion of $2M).

    Three, the fact that they are sending this out and advertising the park takes me to the point of the original post…are they really going to even rebuild Bruce Monroe.

    I went to the RFP meeting and I have to tell you that the developers in attendance were as concerned about this project as the members of the community.

  6. Rebuild Bruce Monroe Says:

    The Bruce Monroe Community has been fighting for years to better their school, misled by a false promise that their school would be rebuilt they were moved to Park View. Now the city is saying there is no money to rebuild the school and have put out this bogus RFP. Bruce Monroe needs to be rebuilt, if they lied to these parents about rebuilding this school do you really think they are going to keep the park around. NO, they want to use the site for commercial development plain and simple. If we do not rise up and demand that our school be rebuilt all we will have is another CVS or some fancy condos sitting there. Who loses, our children,the future of the District.

  7. Julia Says:

    Now that we have a great new park why spend more money redeveloping this site when the rest of Georgia Ave still needs so much attention? We still need revitalization, retail, schools etc on many other parts of that street…keep the momentum going!

  8. Rebuild Bruce Monroe Says:

    Is this really a survey, the firs option is so leading that it will totally skew the results.

    And this park has always been referred to as “Interim Use” guess what that means, that it probably won’t be around for too long.

    This type of “survey” only serves one purpose, to take us away from the real issue – rebuilding Bruce Monroe!

  9. Lauri Says:

    I’m in favor of the option that let’s us keep the park and also results in a better school for the community. I don’t think it has to be an either/or. I am NOT in favor of any option that would result in the closing of the Park View school that is currently housing the Bruce Monroe students. That building is historically significant and there is much support in the Park View neighborhood to preserve it as a school.

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