Pittsburg Water Heater Ad, 1911

From the Washington Herald, November 29, 1911

I stumbled upon this vantage ad recently and found it somewhat charming. Though not the best image, it shows the south side of what I believe is one of the rows on the 700 block of Rock Creek Church Rd., NW. The text under the image states: “A few of Kennedy Bros.’ houses in Rock Creek Church road that are fitted with Pittsburg Water Heaters.”

The full ad reads: “One of the greatest assets to comfort in the modern home is hot water at any hour. The Pittsburg water heater, which during the last three years has been installed in a large number of the modern homes built in Washington by J.R. Wheeler, works automatically and gives hot water instantly. A few of the many prominent builders using these heaters are J.W. Henderson, Kennedy Bros., Charles W. King, jr., John H. Noland, James L. Parsons, Harry Wardman, Zepp Bros., and Middaugh & Shannon.”

To get an idea of what a Pittsburg Water Heater looked like, in addition to a period washing machine and a Humphrey Radiant Fire heater, the image below ca. 1920 contains a water heater in the right side of the display window.

The Pittsburg water heater and the gas radiant fire heater were both installed in Park View's Kennedy homes (Image from Library of Congress)


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