Park-Morton (The Avenue) Moving Forward

Park-Morton's first phase, now dubbed "The Avenue"

DCMud has posted an update on the first phase of the Park Morton development which is of interest. The project located on the southwest corner of Georgia Avenue and Newton Place has been christened “The Avenue.” DCMud includes the rendering and floor plans presented here.

According to DCMud, “the hope of developers and the design team is to amass a work of architecture that exudes modernity and sophistication, to challenge preconceived notions about ‘affordable housing’ by using high quality materials and employing an elegant design on the exterior as well as the interior.” You can read the rest of their post here.

Plan of The Avenue's ground floor


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7 Comments on “Park-Morton (The Avenue) Moving Forward”

  1. SG Says:

    Is there any way to get them to guarantee that the 60% affordable units will NOT be Section 8 Vouchers? I think a serious attempt should be made- otherwise this will be a housing project.

    • db Says:

      Does this building exude modernity? i’m thinking it reeks of the affected 70’s-gymnasium look that was big around town 8 years ago.

      i’m a 50% income earner. Not sure if y’all are insinuating something, or aware of how astronomically high the median income in DC is (not necessarily the median income of ParkView).

  2. warderst Says:


  3. Cliff Says:

    I wish more people would speak up at meetings about this kind of thing. The 1/3rd at 60% affordable model has been very success across the country but DC is in danger of making that model a failure because so many end up getting approval for choice housing vouchers and you end up with 100% public housing (which historically is a proven failure). There is a very vocal constituency in DC for affordable housing and I support them when the formula is reasonable, but hardly anyone speaks up about keeping the parameters of affordable housing into a formula that helps an area prosper.

    Keep in mind, at this point I think Georgia Avenue is maintaining that balance. The Park Morton plan is really, really good. There are market rate condo going in on the 2900 block of Georgia, some market rate apts going in on the 3600 block of Georgia, some more affordable across the street from that so the overall balance is still pretty good.

  4. […] scheduled for Park View that have yet to break ground. Again, starting from the north, is “The Avenue” scheduled for the former Central Union Mission site on the southwest corner of Newton and […]

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