Development at 527 Irving Street

527 Irving Street as it currently appears

527 Irving Street has been one of those odd properties where you notice something is off, but have more questions than answers.

Currently, the site has been cleared and a new foundation is being laid. Literally a year ago the word on the street was that the owner was intending to erect a new building that was one or more units. That day has come.

The road taken to get to today, however, is a bit odd. For about a year prior to this current building phase, the property had a one room structure on it that didn’t do anything. It wasn’t a home and it certainly wasn’t considered to be a permanent structure even at the time of construction.

This odd one room structure was located at 527 Irving for about a year, between the summers of 2009 and 2010

One of the most regrettable aspects of the property is that the facade of the original home was not saved, even though it appeared that this was the goal of the project at one time.

Maybe the structure became unstable over time. Its hard to tell. But for several years, and dating to well before 2007, the original facade was propped up with beams to keep it in place while the rest of the house was essentially missing.

Though I haven’t dug into the building permits to identify the builder and original date of construction, it was clearly one of the area’s earlier homes based on its wood frame construction.

You can see what it looked like shortly before its demise below.

This relic was one all that remained of one of Irving street's earliest homes


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One Comment on “Development at 527 Irving Street”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    I live on the block and was most baffled by the one room structure that appeared last year. Other houses in that area of the block have been upgraded – I hope the new building won’t be the disaster that the new 3-unit bunker up closer to Georgia on the same side of street is. (The one with the front yard completely concreted over)

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