Bruce-Monroe Park, Phase One Done

According to a source at DMPED, the initial phase of the interim Bruce-Monroe project has been completed and the park was open to the public yesterday. I stopped by to take a look, but the property wasn’t open at the time I was there. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has been on site and what visitors’ initial thoughts are.

The second phase of the project is still underway. This phase include the building for the educational programming on the site.

As you can see from the images below, the park includes playground equipment, benches, athletic courts, and basic landscaping.


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5 Comments on “Bruce-Monroe Park, Phase One Done”

  1. LaurenMcK Says:

    There have been people enjoying the park since the basketball hoops went up. There is a section of fence on Columbia that is in a position to make it extremely easy for even 10 year olds to hop the fence. However, as long as they are just playing basketball, I suppose I’m fine with it.

    There are currently a few families enjoying the playground equipment. The park looks great, and it’s amazing how quickly they completed everything.

  2. ~~~mh Says:

    The park is a welcome site. I look fwd to neighbors enjoying the space.
    Is that a puddle in the parking lot photo — shoddy site drainage?

    • Kent Says:

      It is a puddle. It was after the first of yesterday’s torrential rainfall. I’ll have to look at it more closely to see if its a drainage issue.

  3. […] the complete demolition of the 37-year-old Bruce-Monroe school. The school was razed and an interim park was created by the end of July on the 3 acre site. The new Bruce-Monroe park was open to the public by the end of […]

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