DDOT Releases Proposed Bikeshare Map

Earlier today, GreaterGreaterWashington had a post focused on DDOT’s proposed locations for their expanded Bikeshare program. At that time, the map of proposed locations still wasn’t quite finished.

This afternoon, DDOT released their final map of proposed Bikeshare locations, which takes into account population density and transit routes as part of the site selection process.

In looking at what this means for Park View residents, all I can say is not much. The three closest proposed sites will be at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro (makes sense),  the corner of 11th St. & Lamont in Columbia Heights, and Georgia Avenue between Euclid and Fairmont at Howard University.

You can read the full DDOT email alert after the jump:

DDOT Releases Proposed District Bikesharing Locations

(Washington, D.C.) – The design and implementation of the District’s enhanced bike sharing program is rolling along with the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) release of a new map showing the proposed locations for the bikesharing stations. The District’s 100 bike stations will be located throughout the District in all 8 wards.

DDOT used a number of factors to determine the locations including population density, employment density, proximity to transit and the bike-to-work rate. DDOT also incorporated crowd sourcing as a means to identify locations. DDOT has posted 3 maps on its website, http://www.ddot.dc.gov. The 3 maps highlight various aspects of the analysis including a density analysis map and a crowd sourcing heat map. The third map shows the proposed locations for nearly all the stations.

The maps can be found on-line at http://www.ddot.dc.gov under the Bicycle and Pedestrian programs.

DDOT planners and staff are busy notifying local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and adjacent properties to provide additional information and to receive feedback from residents and community groups.

Bikesharing is bike transit – an automated, public bike rental system. DC and Arlington County are launching a new regional bikesharing system in fall 2010 with roughly 1100 bikes at 114 stations (100 in DC, 14 in Arlington).

The locations are scheduled to be rolled out (installed) starting in August thru November, with a launch of about 30 stations in September.


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4 Comments on “DDOT Releases Proposed Bikeshare Map”

  1. Shawn Says:

    I think this looks really good for Park View residents. I can’t imagine what more you could have expected than this? I’m a smartbike user and this will make a huge difference compared to what we have now.

  2. warderst Says:

    I agree that this is great news for Park View. There is one branch at the metro, one a few blocks away at 11th st and one near the Petworth Library. That’s a lot more than other neighborhoods have!

  3. Kent Says:

    I guess I see you points. In looking at other neighborhoods I guess it is fairly decent coverage, although I do think there were some missed opportunities … such as something at the Bruce-Monroe site which would also be a future streetcar stop … but I guess that could be a future opportunity as transit is added and our population grows.

  4. […] of the new DDOT Bikeshare service at the Georgia Avenue/Petworth location began today. Due to the name, I originally thought […]

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