Senior Wellness Center Leaving Less to the Imagination

Ward One Senior Wellness Center

The Senior Wellness Center is one of a scant few active projects currently underway along lower Georgia Avenue. While I’ve been trying to follow it as closely as possible, for those that want more of a real-time experience, I thought I’d share an interesting Web site that lets visitors view it on any given day, at multiple times during the day, and even provides a small time lapse video.

I’m guessing the Webcam is mounted on the E.L. Haynes Public Charter School based on the height and the angle, but I’m not certain.


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2 Comments on “Senior Wellness Center Leaving Less to the Imagination”

  1. It sure is nice to get some good news from a local website. Normally they are filled with haters and the nasty comments.

    Looks like it will be good to be senior in our neighborhood.

  2. Di Says:

    The timelapse is very cool. Slow it down and you can see the leaves change, drop, grow green…or the place buried in snow 3 times.

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