Streetcar Tracks Unearthed in Park View

Streetcars rails on Georgia Avenue

This year seems to be the year that people notice streetcar rails being unearthed — whether due to roadwork or just as a natural course of roads aging. Already in 2010 tracks have been unearthed on 14th Street, NW, in Columbia Heights, have surfaced at Florida Ave. & 8th Street, NE, and were noted on the reconstruction of 11th Street, NW, between Massachusetts and Rhode Island Avenues.

To add to what is sure to be a growing list of sightings are tracks now visible on Georgia Avenue between Princeton Pl. and Quebec Pl. There is a small area of the street disturbed by recent utility work that clearly shows the old rails under the surface. As the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project moves further along in the ensuing months, more rails are sure to be uncovered.

This area is currently included as the final segment of the first phase of DDOT’s streetcar plan. The section going through Park View has stops roughly planned for the intersections of Georgia Ave. at Irving and Rock Creek Church Road. One wonders if the reintroduction of streetcars to the city will prompt instructive advertising such as the old system’s switch to Pay-as-you-enter cars did in 1909 (below) or if riders will be left to figure it out on their own.

From the Washington Times, June 25, 1909


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