Park View Rec Center Focus of July UNC Meeting

The main subject of last night’s Park View UNC meeting, held at E.L. Haynes, centered around community concerns with safety, operation, and conditions at the Rec Center. In addition to members of the community, representatives from DPR and Councilmember Graham were in attendance.

The discussion opened with a presentation by ANC 1A08 Commissioner Cliff Valenti. Valenti, using a projector, showed the assembly images of Stead Park Recreation Center and the Kalorama Recreation Center. While the Kalorama site has significantly more land than the Park View site, Stead is roughly the same size.

Among the significant differences between Stead/Kalorama and Park View is that Stead & Kalorama both have similar designs that separate the children’s play area from the older teens basketball area with a buffer area in between. Both centers also have active “Friends of … ” organizations composed of active residents.

Among the areas of concern brought out by Valenti’s presentation and the ensuing community discussion were:

  • The need for the greater community to work together to develop a short- and long-term plan to solve problems at the center;
  • The need to fix and repair equipment — such as video surveillance cameras — and facilities — such as holes in the fence;
  • A greater need for community dialogue in the programming of the facilities. Several residents suggesting razing the entire site and starting over. This was of concern to CM Graham since the playing field is on track for renovation this fall;
  • Better and/or more programs at the center to keep youth occupied; and,
  • More community involvement.

To this last point, Valenti circulated a sign up sheet to get a Friends of Park View Rec Center started and those interested in finding out more can email Valenti to be included in upcoming planning meetings.

While there are many items still to sort out, and issues as yet unresolved, one thing came through loud and clear among those assembled … there is a great deal of interest and concern in correcting the shortcomings at the Rec Center and finding ways to communicate and work together better to find the appropriate solutions.


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