Ball Courts Taking Shape at old Bruce-Monroe

The basketball and tennis courts are taking shape at the old Bruce-Monroe site. From last week to this, the courts went from compacted earth to the paved state you see below. You can see the current plans for the site here>>


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4 Comments on “Ball Courts Taking Shape at old Bruce-Monroe”

  1. jason Says:

    I live across the street, and can’t help notice that these slabs aren’t level. Anyone know if they have plans to level these off?

  2. sy Says:

    I saw the same thing when I drove by today. Definite slope there.

  3. ~~~mh Says:

    Perhaps the slope is meant to reduce the chances of balls — tennis &/or basketball — going over the fence onto westbound traffic on Columbia Rd.

    • sy Says:

      don’t think so — they’ve now torn them up. which also reveals the lack of drainage underneath. really really shoddy work, glad the inspectors caught it. we’ll see how they do on the second try.

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