Landscaping Installed at Park View CVS

Oaks have been planted along Georgia Avenue

As CVS pushes to open by the end of the July, landscaping has finally started to appear. Most importantly is trees.

Along Georgia Avenue, four oaks have been planted along the street. It looks like there is room for a tree or two to be planted along New Hampshire too, but that hasn’t happened yet.

In addition to the trees, liriope and barberry appear to be among the other ground covers planted so far.

Beyond the landscaping a new bus stop has been installed and the structures along Princeton Place that house the dumpsters have also turned out rather nice.

You can see more images of the plantings and structures after the jump.

Some of the landscaping along New Hampshire Avenue

New bus pavilion at CVS

The rear of CVS has also been attractively planted


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4 Comments on “Landscaping Installed at Park View CVS”

  1. DCDave Says:

    The landscaping looks good. Likely, however, the corner of Princeton and GA Ave will become a cut through, and the liriope will get trampled. Perhaps they’ll add a decorative fence or something.

  2. db Says:

    i can’t stress enough how dumbfounded I am by the Georgia-side “planting spaces” and the plant selection.

    A tree is a living being, not a lamppost. We don’t just cut a hole in concrete and post one there IwoJima style. Rootspace, water, nutrients, surface temperature are inadequate.

    Willow oaks grow a 40-50 foot spread. There are perhaps 6 feet between these trees and the CVS.

    Survival will be a miracle of life–not even considering the early heat wave.

    • db Says:

      Looking closely at the pic, those aren’t willow oaks, my bad. Can’t pinpoint (blurry resolution on my phone).

      But same criticisms.

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