Coffee Now Available at Rock Creek Market

For those that might not have stopped by Rock Creek Market recently, there is one more reason not to pass it by … coffee!

The market obtained its deli license and will now carry coffee.  This is a process that they started last October and is now finally approved. They expect to start selling it either Saturday or Sunday of this week, but in the mean time you might just be able to get a complimentary cup.

From the conversation I had when I was in the market, they plan to have coffee available from opening until it lasts.


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6 Comments on “Coffee Now Available at Rock Creek Market”

  1. John H. Says:

    This is big.

  2. Fritz Says:

    this great! but I wish they would 1. open earlier (current opening is 9am) and 2. use that great sidewalk space for tables!

  3. db Says:


    and sell me air rights above the place–it’s begging for some units!

  4. warderst Says:

    Yay! This is great. If they’d sell some bagels, or muffins for breakfast too that would also be great. And I second the open earlier too. I always realize I’ve run out of milk for breakfast at about 7:30am and have to wait until 9 for them to open.

  5. db Says:

    I love y’all–2 blocks to the skanky Safeway!

    The word “deli” makes me happy. Sandwich please.

  6. sy Says:

    I would stop for coffee at 7:10 with my dog if they would open that early. Lots of us dog walkers out there in the early hours, and it would be wonderful not to have to delay that first cup of joe while we walk the pooches.

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