Gun Incident @ Warder and Princeton Last Night (6/24/10)

A commenter indicated this morning that there was an incident last night where several shots were fired from a gun. From information I’ve been able to piece together, it occurred around 9:10 p.m. while the basketball tournament was still in full swing at the Rec Center. The incident occurred at the corner of Warder Street and Princeton Place. No one was reportedly injured as the shots were fired into the air.

While there is no official report at this time, one is expected to be forthcoming.

Councilmember Graham provided the following description of the incident:

The Cmdr reports that shots were fired, he states in the air, at Warder and Princeton Place. No one was hit. And police were on the basketball court, and roving leaders were nearby. A person in dreads on red bike was seen leaving the site.

CM Graham, MPD, DPR and others are meeting at the site today for action. Further community engagement to follow.


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4 Comments on “Gun Incident @ Warder and Princeton Last Night (6/24/10)”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Thanks for the info. I saw the street roped off and plastic markers covering bullets or casings or whatever they were.

  2. police Says:

    Mpd did well last year but this year the cops just sit around in their cars. I’m not surprised this happened with them being so close by

  3. ChrisC Says:

    It’s sad to say but perhaps a little Giulianism is necessary for the greater good. MPD should put the word out that next time some knucklehead decides to interrupt a community event, the only shots fired will be from service Glocks into the chests of the usual suspects, whether innocent or not? It’ll work better than the truth.

  4. db Says:

    i left the park with my 5 year old around 8:30. Nice.

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