Rec Center’s Fences A Gaping Problem

Section of fence repaired last week

Last week a resident on Princeton Place alerted readers that there was a huge hole in the Park View Rec Center fence that posed a safety problem to children using the facilities. Early on Friday, 6/11/10, the hole was patched. One would think that that would be the end of the story.

Yet, less than a week later, there are two new gaping holes in the same section of fencing. One resident I talked to reported that they have already seen children using the new openings.

Upon expecting the Rec Center’s fences, it was apparent that the chain link is not the only fence in need of attention. A section of iron fencing along Otis Place is also in need of repair also.

The following images document some of the fence problems needing attention.

One of two new holes in the Rec Center fence

This stretch of iron fence on Otis Place has separated from the retaining wall


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7 Comments on “Rec Center’s Fences A Gaping Problem”

  1. db Says:

    Having used many such holes in my youth, i don’t consider them particularly dangerous.

    Similar to a path worn in the grass this signifies a population that wants an entry point at that side of the park.

    Such population could be legitimate use or just a security breach for unscrupulous purposes or both.

    Is there a significant reason to *not* have a real entry there?

    • Kent Says:

      Good points. In looking at the actual holes, they didn’t strike me as being particularly sharp. The injury that happened nearly two weeks ago was due to a child climbing the outer iron fence after they entered the area accessible due to the new hole.

      I can’t think of a significant reason to actually have an entrance at this location. The holes are opposite the alley between Princeton and Otis. There is also a set of steps providing access to this area near the intersection of Otis and 6th.

      One thing I’ve suspected is that the holes may have actually been created by people breaking in for, as you say, “unscrupulous purposes.”

      Children being children, merely find the holes interesting and play around them. I did the same things as a kid and would actually be surprised if children didn’t pass through them.

  2. Chr Says:

    Kids use the holes after hours, and if the rec center is open there is no reason for them not to use the regular route. The rec center needs better supervision and management so good kids can enjoy where the rec center has to offer for them.

  3. db Says:

    It is odd that we have serious fence on 3 sides…

    i did cut the he’ll out of myself on *top* of a chainlink fence once. Gravity rusty wire.

  4. JulesonPrinceton Says:

    I believe that I witnessed kids creating this new hole in the fence. There appears to be a severe lack of adult supervision when kids are along the outer perimeter. Maybe the kids are bored or the challenge of undoing this fix is too tempting.

  5. BringBackAnthonyWilliams Says:

    Another shooting last night that originated with this rats nest of a rec center. Raze this whole building and the grounds and start over. I drive by rec centers all over the city and never see the adults and thugs being allowed to hang out at others — only Parkview seems to have this problem. And – since the lazy beat cop can’t bother getting out of her car or off her cell phone to actually patrol the grounds then there is no use in having her there. I saw a drug deal take place 50 feet behind her car at 6:30pm this week — while she sat in her car with the air running – lazy lazy lazy police work is shameful and she is the poster child for lazy police work. I don’t know why such a shithole holds so much power over city officials — just raze it already! (The problem is if we raze it then the Maryland gang thugs will have no place to go I know – I know. My bad.)

  6. […] Violence @ Warder and Princeton Last Night (6/24/10) A commenter indicated this morning that there was an incident last night where several shots were fire from a gun. From information […]

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