Liquor License at Sweet Mango Cafe Up for Renewal

Sweet Mango Cafe (3701 New Hampshire Ave, NW)

On June 4, 2010, notice of Sweet Mango Cafe’s intent to renew their liquor License was posted. It’s possible that many in the community may not be aware of this. The posted ABRA notices are only visible when the restaurant is open (the metal security door hides the notices when the business is closed).

The class of license that is being renewed is a Retailer CR-03, which is described on the ABRA Web site as being for a Restaurant with seating capacity of 200 to 499 patrons. In this regard, its important to note that Sweet Mango does not have a CN-03 license, nor is it applying for one, which is the license that would support a night club of the same size.

In reviewing the renewal notice (which you can read by clicking on the image to the right), the next important date in the process is July 19, 2010, which is when petitions and/or letters either opposing or supporting the license’s renewal are due. The last important date is that of the hearing, currently scheduled for August 2, 2010. The application also lists hours of operation.

Though its hard to find many in the community that don’t appreciate the food at Sweet Mango, there have also been problems with the restaurant ranging from its closure and liquor license suspension after a shooting that occurred there in early December,  2009, to its erection of a fence on public space without the necessary permits in mid-May of this year. The fence issue still has not been resolved.

Are the problems at Sweet Mango Cafe severe enough to deny them a liquor license, or are such issues the price one pays for having a restaurant in their community?


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