CVS Falls Victim to Graffiti

Over the weekend the soon to open CVS was “initiated” into the neighborhood in the form of graffiti/tagging. Graffiti continues to be a problem in the area.

The area defaced in this instance was along New Hampshire Avenue near the rear of the building. People may recall that Rock Creek Market also had tagging problems when they were renovating for their opening. You can see the extend of the tagging in the images below.


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4 Comments on “CVS Falls Victim to Graffiti”

  1. db Says:


    But… many taggers tag natural murals. That wall screams canvas.

    Alter the environment or put up with the people (i.e. frequent solvents) seem the only options.

  2. ProfChris Says:

    Often the cops can id the tags. Find the jerks who did it and make them clean it up.

  3. RD Says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  4. Shawn Says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood CVS!

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