Bruce-Monroe Site Cleared — Fence Going Up

The site of the former Bruce-Monroe school has finally been cleared of rubble. Though there is much work yet to do to turn it into a community asset, work is moving along.

In addition to cleaning up the site, work installing a new fence around the property is in progress and at roughly 40% completion. As was learned in April, the fence securing the area was estimated to cost around $200,000. This was a sizable chuck of the then allocated $500,000.

A section of new fencing at the Bruce-Monroe site

Developing the site to better serve the needs of the surrounding communities began to look up at the end of May. On May 26th, Councilmember Graham announced that $1.5 million had been included in the DC Budget to transform the old Bruce-Monroe site into the community use needed. Hopefully, the funds will still be included in today’s second reading of the D.C. Budget. Among the uses the money is to support are two basketball courts, night-time lights, fencing, a tennis court, programming, two play areas, a  community garden, and other beautification items.

A community meeting is scheduled for early next week to more fully discuss what is expected of the site. Though it seems unlikely, work is reported to be completed by mid-July.


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One Comment on “Bruce-Monroe Site Cleared — Fence Going Up”

  1. ProfChris Says:

    A Trader Joe’s would be nice–along with some trees and green space.

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