Design for 3577 Warder Street Finally Revealed

The developers of the property at 3577 Warder Street have finally posted a rendering and details of the project both at the property and online (click image at right to go to their Web site).

As you can quickly see from the banner, the property is planned to contain five 2 bedroom units. They are also advertising that parking will be available.

The parking issue is of particular interest. For parking to be allowed on this property a curb cut will need to be installed. This issue came up before the ANC 1A at their September 2009 meeting and was not endorsed.

The building was designed from the start to support a driveway and parking

My conversations with DDOT have similarly affirmed that a curb cut would have a hard time getting approved for this location. DDOT considers curb cuts as mini-intersections and for this one to be installed a street light would need to be relocated. Still, without this approval, the builder has forged ahead with a plan designed to support a driveway.

It’s also important to note that the single family home that was once on the site was razed without a permit. Once construction began, a stop work order was issued in February, 2010, for failure to get permits or have inspections. Based on past practices, it seems reasonable to be concerned that a curb cut could similarly appear without going through the proper process.

On a more general note, is this design compatible with residential Park View? Its located directly across from the historic Park View school and between the only other “contemporary” structures off of Georgia Avenue.


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8 Comments on “Design for 3577 Warder Street Finally Revealed”

  1. db Says:

    Doesn’t match the hood, but a neat rendering just the same. The two on either side are just hideous imitations of cookie-cutter wildwood beach rentals.

    i can’t support any developer, on principle, who buys a property for $300k, cuts it in five pieces and sells each for $300k.

  2. sheepprofessor Says:


  3. warderst Says:

    It may not be the established style but it’s modern and new and can only be an improvement on what was there. And what is the problem with development? Who cares if the developer is making money on the project? It’s not like he’s taking a townhome and cutting it up into condos. He’s building a completely new building.

  4. gidget Says:

    it would have been much better to have something that fit architecturally into the established neighborhood. the condos to the left of the new construction managed to do this; even if that development was a bit modernized, it’s still in keeping with the type of thing around it. this is just…crazy looking. it’s like nyc or something, it just does not really fit at all into this area. it’s taller than the things around it and will stick out like a sore thumb. and it sounds like the developers care little about making a good development, they just want to make a quick buck.

  5. IMGoph Says:

    oh good god that’s not in any way compatible with the neighborhood. build something like that in an area where the street’s character has been destroyed and can be reimagined, like what’s happening in the area between U and florida on 11th. not in park view.

  6. Anon Says:

    is that siding?

  7. […] new condo building going up at 3577 Warder Street is mostly framed out. When I compare it to the rendering of its facade, there still appears to be a little more to go before it tops […]

  8. […] concerns me is that this looks like its going to be another 3577 Warder Street. It makes no sense to allow the foundation work to continue — permit or no — if the […]

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