Then and Now: 3101 to 3111 Georgia Avenue

3101 to 3111 Georgia Ave 19163101 to 3105 Georgia Avenue, May 2010

(3101 to 3105 Georgia Avenue in 1916 and today)

The homes on the east side of Georgia Avenue just north of Irving have certainly seen better days. In looking at the real estate ads advertising them right after they were built in 1916, the location was seen as an asset. Ads indicate that the homes were a short 5 minute walk to the Soldiers’ Home and a 10 minute walk to Central (Cardozo) High School. One such ad is below:

Jameson Homes (3101 to 3111 Georgia Ave.)

As Georgia Avenue became more commercial, many of the residences were altered to suit that purpose. A good example of how this has left the row is below:


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5 Comments on “Then and Now: 3101 to 3111 Georgia Avenue”

  1. ~~~mh Says:

    Upselling bcs of “Soldiers’ Home PARK” – those were the days…

  2. John H. Says:

    Many of us Park Viewians still feel a strong connection with the Park. The more of us that feel that way, the sooner we will return to the 60-, 70- or 80-year tradition of having access.

    • warderst Says:

      It would be wonderful to have access to the soldier’s home park again. I think it would be a huge draw to families in the area to have a big place for kids to run around.

  3. ProfChris Says:

    Why can’t we have access to the park?

  4. John H. Says:

    The Home has given various reasons in the past — security of residents, lawsuits if someone drowns in the ponds, etc. etc. However, the public now has access to visit Lincoln’s Cottage and for occasional events such as an annual bike race. And, of course, people can always gain access to volunteer or visit residents. But many of us in the community are hopeful that the community can gain better, regular access. Watch this space for future developments.

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