Rec Center Fence in Need of Repair, Presents Danger to Children

Holes in the Rec Center fence were once commonplace

It was brought to my attention by a resident on Princeton Place that the fence at the rear of the Rec Center near the alley has been compromised and now has a huge, dangerous hole in it. DPR was also immediately notified of this situation.

The resident also supplied the images to the right and below showing that children that play on the field keep running through it into the space between the chain link and wrought iron fences.

What is disturbing is that the cut chain link is jagged and sharp … and if that isn’t bad enough, kids have been seen climbing over the iron fence which has its own dangers.

According to the Princeton resident, “the other day, an ambulance was called after a kid got through there and then went over the wrought iron into our alley, and apparently cut him/herself open (two cops came up the alley and found the blood, looking for the place the kid was hurt).”

The Rec Center is currently hosting a basketball tournament and has been teaming with participants and spectators during the event. It is interesting to note that it was observed on Monday that none of the adults at the Rec Center, including two police officers present at the tournament, seemed to be aware of the children passing back and forth through the hole, or that some of the children wandered away from the Rec Center and out to the street.

Clearly, this is a dangerous situation that needs to be addressed on multiple levels.


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4 Comments on “Rec Center Fence in Need of Repair, Presents Danger to Children”

  1. astrange Says:

    I am the volunteer that runs Park View Kids Zone afterschool program out of the “little house” at the Rec Center. This hole and one other has been a big problem for us. I can’t tell you how many times a day I have to ask kids to not go back there. We need DPR to fix it swiftly.
    I want to respond to the statement of “kids wandered away from the Rec Center and out to the street”. I am gone by the time the tournament starts and when I leave I make sure all of the kids whom I am responsible for leave when I leave, as I know they will be there with no supervision after 6pm. When I am there I do the best I can to supervise all the kids, but my first priority and responsibilities are to the kids in my program. We have a number of kids who come up to the Rec with no adult supervision and whom do not necessarily participate in our program. My point is the kids you might see “wander away” from the Center come and go on their own and are not a part of my program. It is a park and you will always have children coming and going. (Obviously we don’t want them leaving by hopping a fence.)From the picture posted I do know some of those kids parents were at the Rec center and certainly should have been keeping an eye on them. I will continue to do the best I can to keep kids out of that area when I’m at the Center until DPR is able to fix it.
    On another note, please keep pressure on the police to have an officer or officers at the Rec Center everyday during the summer.We need them there!

    • Kent Says:

      Thank you for all you do at the Rec Center, and thank you for helping to keep the kids safe and supervised when you are there.

      If you can think of any ways that the community can assist getting the fence repaired that we haven’t already done, please let us know.

  2. astrange Says:

    DPR fixed the fence first thing Friday morning. I guess your posting worked! Now if DPR could get the air conditioning fixed in the “little house”. It has not worked for about 2 months and this heat is getting dangerous! Thanks for keeping an eye on things at the Rec.

  3. […] week a resident on Princeton Place alerted readers that there was a huge hole in the Park View Rec Center fence that posed a safety problem to children using the facilities. Early on Friday, 6/11/10, the hole […]

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