3501 Georgia was Once Park View Pharmacy

The Bell Corner Stop was once the Park View Pharmacy

Pharmacies were once commonplace along Park View’s stretch of Georgia Avenue. To mention just two of several, there was the Peoples Drug store located where the new CVS is preparing to open and further south, at the intersection of Georgia and Kenyon, there was Boyd’s Pharmacy.

At 3501 Georgia Avenue, where the Bell Corner Stop now is, there was the Park View Pharmacy. Though I’m still lacking a detailed history and dates of operation, this pharmacy operated roughly between 1937 and 1967.

Among the scant traces documenting the pharmacy are newspaper advertisements and the occasional relic. The New Columbia Heights blog posted an image of a 1946 druggist bottle from the store earlier this week.

The earliest ads in the Washington Post which name the Park View Pharmacy actually list it as one of the several drug stores in the city where people could submit classified ads for publication in the Post — listed as being available to take ads day and night. Among the last mentions in the Post of a drug store at 3501 is from March 6, 1966, which describes a hold up at the store where the robber made off with $140 after he “held his hand in his pocket as though he had a gun.”

Below is an ad from 1958 featuring the pharmacy.

Venus '365' automatic ball PEN-cil ad listing the Park View Pharmacy as a seller (Washington Post, Oct. 14, 1958)


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