Notes From the Park View UNC Meeting, 6/2/10

Last night’s Park View UNC meeting had the following topics of interest to the community:

ANC Commissioner Cliff Valenti informed the assembly that there will be two items on next week’s ANC1A meeting agenda of interest. 1) The liquor application for Morgan’s Seafood (3200 Georgia Avenue). The liquor license issue has been a contentious one as already reported. Residents who care about this issue are encouraged to attend the meeting as voice their views on the issue.

2) The former Central Union Mission property at 3510-3512 Georgia Avenue will be before the commissioners who will consider the amount of parking requested. The developers are asking for a variance to provide only 29 parking spaces when zoning requires 50 spaces for a building of its size. Residents living on Newton Place have already expressed concerns about parking being difficult on the street that would be most impacted by this development.

Detail from the Middle Georgia Avenue Greatstreets plan showing the intersection with New Hampshire and Rock Creek Church Road

DDOT was present to give an overview of the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project which is located between Webster Street and Otis Place. Work on the project began on May 17, 2010, and is expected to last approximately 18 months. It will be completed in roughly three phases starting at Webster and working south.

The first phase now underway is the conduit work. This is estimated to impact the area between New Hampshire Avenue and Otis Place in about three to four weeks. When it is completed, work will move to the east side of Georgia — starting again at Webster and moving south — with curbs, landscaping, street furniture, etc. until work has been completed to Otis. Then, the process will be repeated on the west side of Georgia Avenue once again at Webster.

During construction, while pedestrian movement will be hampered flagmen will be present to assist residents in crossing the avenue. The work includes repaving the roadway and transitioning the streetscaping into the side streets. Interested residents can keep track of the projects progress by going here>>

The subject of rat abatement was presented by John Hanly, who spoke to the need to have petitions filled out by residents so that the Department of Health can abate entire alleys rather than bate one property at a time. More details, including how to contact Hanly to assist in collecting signatures, are included in the June Park View UNC newsletter.

Neighborhood trash, particularly around the 600 and 700 blocks of Princeton Place, was brought up with a request to Councilmember Graham’s representative, Benton Heimsath, to investigate what it would take to have a public trash can installed. Commissioner Valenti stated that trash was a complicated topic, with resident’s being responsible for maintaining the property in front of their homes. To successfully combat street debris, the assembly discussed the need for door to door education, community clean-ups, and contacting DCRA for difficult properties. Success will likely require a balance of all of these approaches. Heimsath will look into the trash can request and report back.

The meeting closed with a discussion focused on the possibility of a community flea market or yard sale. The goal of the sale would be to raise money for the UNC and help residents dispose of items they no longer needed. More information regarding this idea will be forthcoming as it is developed further.


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One Comment on “Notes From the Park View UNC Meeting, 6/2/10”

  1. JulesonPrinceton Says:

    On the subject of trashcans on Princeton…all for it but to me the bigger issue is how often they get emptied. The one by the Rec Center is always overflowing. I think that one closer to Ga Ave may help. Personally, I pick up several bags worth of trash from the sidewalks every week.

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