Gray’s Turn to Stump in the Neighborhood

Vince Gray supporters getting the word out, Georgia & New Hampshire Avenues

This morning (5/27/10), it was supporters of mayoral candidate Vince Gray’s turn to get the word out to voters traveling through the intersection of Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues. Residents may recall that Mayor Fenty and his supporter similarly used this site on May 4th for the same purpose.

While there is no way to gauge the actual support Gray has by the public response, it is evident that there are those that solidly support him. Gray’s campaign team received several thumbs up and elicited a good deal of honking from motorists.


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2 Comments on “Gray’s Turn to Stump in the Neighborhood”

  1. politics Says:

    That’s funny. Just yesterday, Gray was going out of his way to slow down Streetcar development in this area.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I had an open mind before – Fenty’s never really been my guy – but I could never vote for Gray after he showed his true colors on streetcars. Trying to cut funding and kill them in the middle of the night – just shameful. Where were his helpful suggestions during planning? When DDOT released initial plans? When it first got in the budget?

    Georgia Avenue really needs streetcars to come our way, but it all starts on H St and in Anacostia. And if Gray got his way, he’d have put them on the backburner for another 2, 5, 10 years, and our line(s) behind that? That’s not leadership.

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