Sweet Mango Fence Saga Continues

The fence at Sweet Mango was allowed to be finished

It was with much dismay that is saw that the fence along the Rock Creek Church Road side of Sweet Mango was allowed to be completed on Wednesday. It was even more appalling to see that the stop work order issued by DCRA on May 12, 2010, had been replaced by a work permit for a fence along the back of the building.

Upon digging into this issue, and after talking to a few neighbors, I understand that inspectors were at Sweet Mango again on May 20th. Sweet Mango was also able to obtain a permit for the fence, but I believe they also need to obtain a permit to use public space.

 Clearly, the book is not closed on this issue and I think concerned residents need to keep a watchful eye on this as details unfold.

Based on how this business has operated in the past, I’d like to know if permits had been obtained for any of the construction that has occurred there over the past 10 years.

809 Rock Creek Church Road is also used by Sweet Mango. There is a strong likelihood that the structure in front was constructed without permits


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4 Comments on “Sweet Mango Fence Saga Continues”

  1. Dave Says:

    They appear to be using interior grade plywood also, so we shall see how long the fence holds up and begins to look like crap.

  2. Anon Says:

    Sweet Mango has a horrible track record when it comes to community concerns. They have repeatedly violated voluntary agreements that were a pain to get them to agree to in the first place. They cry racism all the time claiming they are being singled out.

    They are huge supporters of Fenty and I assume they got their permits pushed through because of that.

  3. […] liquor license suspension after a shooting that occurred there in early December,  2009, to its erection of a fence on public space without the necessary permits in mid-May of this year. The fence issue still has not been […]

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