Once Again, the Media Considers Park View a part of Petworth

In the real estate section of today’s Examiner (5/20/2010), there was a nice feature on Petworth and what makes it a great place to live. I can’t disagree with that having spent nearly as much time in Petworth as I do in my own Park View.

Sadly, the article’s  two lead paragraphs fromYoung professionals, new businesses transform Petworth neighborhood introduce the reader by focusing on Park View’s Mom & Pop Antiques shop located at 3534 Georgia Avenue.

What I find most incredulous is that the paper correctly identified Petworth’s borders both textually and graphically.  I guess all I can do is sigh and once again acknowledge that there are no quality reporters, editors, or newspapers anymore.


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6 Comments on “Once Again, the Media Considers Park View a part of Petworth”

  1. Anon Says:

    I’m curious why you care so much?

  2. John H. Says:

    There are SOME quality journalists and outlets left!

    • Kent Says:

      Of course, John, you are right. There are still plenty of great jouralists. I just threw the baby in with the bath water in my frustration.

  3. db Says:

    This is a neighborhood pride blog–of course Kent cares!

    Drives me nuts when realtors show things that aren’t in the neighborhood in the “location” section of their ad. A Petworth ad should show Moroni Brothers, that Roti spot on the left, and… maybe the Yes!. A ParkView ad should show Murrays, The House, the Laundromat, and of course our viewed Park.

  4. Kent Says:

    I over simplify it by saying that I expect a Coke and not a Pepsi when I order a Coke. Park View, or at least areas of it, show up more frequently than people realize in newspapers and online … however one would not realize it since they are frequently presented to the greater DC community as being in Petworth or Columbia Heights.

    Both of those neighborhoods have a lot of great things going for them and plenty for a reporter to boast about when writing about them. In this case, all the reporter needed to do was indicated that a long-time antique store owner in neighboring Park View has noticed a change in the community in his nearly 25 years on Georgia Ave.

    Of course, as db states, they could have sung the praises of Yes! or other projects — past and future — in Petworth.

  5. Cliff Says:

    The first house I bought was in a neighborhood called Tampa Heights but sometimes it was referred to as Ybor City. I tried to do a history on my house and couldn’t find anything because I was searching for “Ybor City”, but when I searched records for “Tampa Heights” I was able to find stuff. When reporters get this info wrong it matters in 50, 60 or 100 years.

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