Phase I of Park Morton Switches it Up

Based on the agenda of the May 12, 2010, ANC 1A meeting, I really wasn’t expecting to learn much about the first phase of the Park Morton redevelopment project that hadn’t already been presented in one form or another. However, after last night’s presentation before the commissioners, I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed in one change that the developers have attempted to pass off as water under the bridge.

For the building that is intended to be built on the former Central Union Mission property (southwest corner of Newton Place and Georgia Ave.), the developers stated that it will be built with the intent of 2/3 workforce housing, 1/3 subsidized housing. The entire development, however, will be built along the 1/3 market rate, 1/3 workforce, and 1/3 subsidized housing model. This is in stark contrast to the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 model presented at the March ANC meeting for phase I.

When pressed about this change, the developers stated that nothing has changed with phase I. Yet, this is not true. At the March meeting they clearly spoke about the first part of the Park Morton development and what its occupancy would look like.

What is most baffling to me is this: If the entire Park Morton development will be on the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 model, and if changing phase I to a 2/3 workforce model gains the developers no advantage in occupancy for the residents of Park Morton, then why would one strip away the market rate units that would be closest to the Metro station? It seems to me that the market rate units closest to the Metro station would have the strongest chance of actually getting rented.


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3 Comments on “Phase I of Park Morton Switches it Up”

  1. Cliff Says:

    The parking demands are also a great concern. I don’t understand their reasoning for abandoning the 1/3 model which has shown such great success throughout the country.

  2. db Says:

    The purpose/function of these projects is to fleece the construction industry. They’re never to benefit a neighborhood.

    i’m irked that Fenty’s deputies. went to such lengths to get us to think this was a neighborhood thing… reality is crashing back down.

    Why not just say “we’ve handed your future over to developer X–take it like a man”?

  3. […] the May ANC meeting, Warrenton was back, but at this meeting they informed the assembly that the first phase would be […]

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