Petworth Fire Closes Down Quincy, Warder, Forces Residents out of Homes

Probably starting sometime before 6 pm this evening, what must have been a large fire occurred on Petworth’s 600 block of Quincy. As I returned to the neighborhood, New Hampshire Avenue northbound from Georgia was clogged with engines from several of the City’s firehouses. A similar scene was along the 600 block of Quincy, which was impassable, and Warder Street was blocked off from at least Princeton Place through Randolph. 612 and 614 Quincy sustained significant fire damage.

Not only was the street closed off, but residents were required to vacate their homes. Though things were under control by 6 pm, it must have been a truly large conflagration to have required such a large response from DCFD.

Some of the many fire engines along New Hampshire

More images after the jump

DCFD presence at corner of 7th and Quincy, NW

Warder closed by MPD

612 and 614 Quincy sustained major fire damage


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2 Comments on “Petworth Fire Closes Down Quincy, Warder, Forces Residents out of Homes”

  1. JulesonPrinceton Says:

    I know someone on that street. I guess the house that caught on fire was a squatter house where the squatters were kicked out only to return recently.

  2. DB Says:

    “Squatter house”? i can barely afford a 1BR basement in our neighborhood and you’re telling me some jerk absentee landowner is maintaining a shell for squatters?

    It’s called LOWER YOUR RENT. There are good people who could use good homes are are quite *good* about paying their bills on time, respecting property and neighbors, etc.

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