Rec Center Pool Gets New Deck

A crane was needed to hoist the new concrete over the fence

Over the weekend, it was learned that the Rec Center was having some work done on its pool. I’m happy to report that they’ve made quick work of this project.

Yesterday morning a crew was out pouring the new concrete deck. The job had the added complication of the pool being on the other side of the fence than the mixer, requiring a crane to hoist the new concrete in one bucket at a time.

It was also complicated by a few residents that had not moved their cars dispite the street being properly posted as “No Parking” during the hours of construction.

Each load of fresh concrete had to be lifted in one bucket at a time

Crew hard at work leveling the freshly poured concrete

New deck poured and setting


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2 Comments on “Rec Center Pool Gets New Deck”

  1. astrange Says:

    It looks like they have made the pool deeper and added what looks to be a filtration system! If so, no more filling and draining the pool daily! Just in time for Earth Day.

  2. db Says:

    No more polio!

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