Notes from the 4/7/10 UNC Meeting

Among the issues discussed at last night’s Park View UNC meeting were:

  • David Vacca from Councilmembers Graham’s office followed up on two issues from the last meeting. The first was the impact the change in real property tax assessments has had this year, where tax assessments are now based on a 40% floor. This change has had a major impact on folks whose homes are have risen in value significantly over the last few years. CM Graham is currently working with CM Evans to reverse this change.
  • Vacca also alerted the community that homeowners who are victims of graffiti can expect a response from DPW about a week after the tagging has been reported.
  • Officer Dyson of MPD spoke on the issue of thefts from autos and shared crime statistics for the past few months. Many of the items being stolen from vehicles are laptops, cameras, and navigation devises. These items are desirable because they can be turned into quick cash and support drug habits or other illegal activities.
  • Park View’s now has an assigned foot patrol, Officer Jenkins. He will be on duty Tuesday through Saturday with other officers filling in on his days off.
  • Commissioner Valenti reported that at the next ANC 1A meeting they will be taking up the issue of parking passes for Ward 1 residents. Much like the program now in Ward 4, the proposal is for the issuance of two passes per household that can be used for visitors without the need to get a temporary pass from a police station.
  • Valenti also briefly described the proposal for the first phase of the Park Morton development and explained how it differed from the project the Central Union Mission had proposed. The key issues that needed community input were the variances, those being — fewer than required parking spaces, a building two feet higher than currently allowed, and a 30 foot loading bay rather than the 35 foot bay required. Valenti also stated that he was desiring a green roof for the building. Because of this, the UNC body voted on the issue with the result being 10 in favor of the project and 3 against. Several members abstained.
  • The mural project on the Otis Street side of the Rec Center was presented by Marie Moll from LAYC. The proposed mural would completely replace the figures that have been on that wall for many years. While there was much positive feedback and appreciation of the design, there was also concern and some disapproval that the old murals had already been primed over. One long time resident specifically requested that the old murals be repainted. She agreed to work directly with LAYC to find a solution agreeable to all parties.

During community comments at the end of the meeting there was a spontaneous discussion of the Park View school. The opening comment expressed frustration that the school was not currently called Park View, but rather Bruce-Monroe @ Park View. A number of residents expressed that they want “Bruce-Monroe” removed from the sign of the school. It was explained that the current plan on the table is for the City to issue an RFP seeking a public/private partnership to build a new school, retail space, and condominiums on the former Bruce-Monroe site and that the school housed at Park View is considered a temporary situation.

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