Park View Census Returns Doing Well for Area, but …

Early tracking of the census returns for Park View show that Tract 32 is on par with participation in Petworth, ahead of Columbia Heights and Pleasant Plains, and lagging behind Crestwood. To check the level of participation, the 2010 Census has developed a nifty map which you can access here. Just type in a zip code, zoom in, and you can see how locations throughout the U.S. are doing.

2010 census participation for Tract 32 (Park View) as of 3/30/10

While I’m encouraged by how Park View residents have responded compared to neighboring locations, I know we can do better as a neighborhood. A lot of federal money is tied to census results. I also firmly believe that this will be the first year since 1950 that we see an increase in population for the area. Growing populations are better able to attract businesses and services which I know many people want.

The deadline to mail in your form is tomorrow, but I’m sure if you send it a day or two later it will still be counted … so take ten minutes, fill it in, and make sure Park View gets every penny we deserve.


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