Metro’s Proposed Service Cuts to Yellow Line Opposed by CM Graham

As many of you may know by now, Metro is facing serious financial challenges and seeking ways to balance service with limited financial means. Among the proposed changes to face these challenges is to cut yellow line off peak service to Fort Totten. This is not supported by Councilmember Graham, who issued the following statement related Metro’s proposal.

Dear Friends:

I am opposed to the elimination of Metrorail Yellow Line service from the Convention Center through Ward 1 to Fort Totten. As a Metro Board member I voted against the proposal that includes this cut and I will do everything possible to keep the Yellow Line service.

I was the original author of this Yellow Line extension and led the successful effort to make it part of the permanent regional system.

This has been a tremendously successful service. As of February 2009, Columbia Heights had the fastest ridership growth of any Metro station, and U Street Cardozo was the 5th fastest. This is no time to cut service.

Make no mistake, Metro has a large budget gap and must consider some service adjustments and fare increases — but the proposals at public hearings this week include many options (such as the yellow line cut) that I do not support. I don’t see any reason for bringing options for public comment when I know, from years on the Metro Board, and from years as a Councilmember, that the DC residents stand firmly against these ideas. That is why I voted against the proposals being discussed at public hearings week.

You can find details about options for balancing metro’s budget here:

I encourage you to attend the final DC public hearing this week at All Souls Church, 1500 Harvard Street NW, Thursday, April 1, beginning at 6:30 pm.


Councilmember Jim Graham


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