NWCHCA Hosts MPD Presentation on Drug Awareness Tonight

According to Northwest Columbia Heights Community Association president Cecilia Jones, if you are concerned about drugs and drug culture in our neighborhoods, you won’t want to miss tonight’s meeting. A description of the meeting from an email distributed to various listservs is below:

A seasoned MPD Detective will give a “show-and-tell” presentation to help us recognize the different types of drugs in our community. We will learn more about drug distribution methods, pricing, and drug paraphernalia associated with crack cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and the most serious growing threat, PCP. You will learn ways to recognize the signs of drug use, and know which drug is being used through distinguishing features or behaviors–heroin, crack cocaine, PCP, crystal meth, marijuana, or others.

There are also many unexpected ways that children and teenagers are getting high. We will learn what parents and concerned adults should know to keep our young people from becoming addicted to drugs.

After the drug awareness presentation, to complete this topic, we will have a discussion about substance abuse recovery with a panel of providers: Neighbors Consejo, Second Genesis and Gospel Rescue Ministries.


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