A Few Notes From the ANC 1A Meeting, 3/10/10

Of the items on the ANC 1A agenda for 3/10/10, the following were the most relevant to Park View residents.

  • This empty apartment house on Newton, just west of Georgia Avenue, would be razed for phase I of the Park Morton redevelopment

    The first presentation was by the Warrenton Group on the future Park Morton project. As previously stated at an earlier 1A meeting, the first phase of the development will be the former Central Union Mission property on the southwest corner of Newton Place and Georgia Avenue. The proposed building would be 7 stories, contain approx. 2,315 sq. ft. of retail space on Georgia Ave., and contain 83 rentable units. Of these, the current plan calls for 65 1-Bedroom and 18 2-Bedroom units. While all units would be identical, they would be rented on the third/third/third model. It is hoped that phase I will begin around September or October of 2010 and have a move-in ready date of December 2011. There were four variances that the developers will need to obtain to move forward with the plan as presented which centered on the number of parking spaces, height of the retail space, height of the building, and how the roof terrace was configured, but these appear to be minor variances.

  • CHIME requested a grant to assist with their music programming with children. The grant would allow them to give an honorarium to music educators in their programs. They are currently working with the students at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View location and the first of three programs they are currently working on is to teach students Latin-American percussion. The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the grant request.
  • Lastly, Greater DC Cares requested a letter of support from the commissioners for the work they are doing at the Park View Recreation Center. Their focus at Park View is a result of their development of a neighborhood program. Already at Park View Rec Center they have established a reading circle and a Saturday Activity Group that hosts 30-50 children a week. The request for a support letter was approved unanimously.


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6 Comments on “A Few Notes From the ANC 1A Meeting, 3/10/10”

  1. DCDave05 Says:

    Hopefully this Phase I Park Morton building will be more attractive than the new charter school, or the new condo at 3422 Georgia Avenue that you wrote about recently.

  2. Kent Says:

    From the rough sketch of the proposed facade they had at the meeting, the general scale, massing, and proposed materials look like they will be much more successful than what we’ve seen in the past. There was also some sentiment that the building will be far more attractive than what the Mission had proposed.

  3. DCDave05 Says:

    That’s good to hear. I guess I’d know some of this if I went to more of the meetings. 🙂 Thanks for reporting on all these meetings for us.

  4. IMGoph Says:

    it’s a shame they can’t save that building and simply add to it. it’s a very handsome facade if fixed up.

    • Kent Says:

      While I happen to agree, I understand the need to excavate the site and the added time and expense makes it impractical.

  5. […] While I’m encouraged by the prospect of a revitalized Georgia Avenue, no matter how long it takes, the model of filling this site — located on the southwest corner of Newton and Georgia in SMD ANC1A 08 — has continued to slip from the initial market rate/working class/subsidized  model to what now seems to be solidly subsidized. This is certainly not the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 model that Warrenton Group sold at the March 10, 2010, ANC meeting. […]

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