Is it Time for a Neighborhood Clean Up?

Litter and debris left after melting snow, corner of Park Place and Park Road

While its nice to see that most of the snow is finally gone, one thing that isn’t nice is all the trash that is left behind.

When the plows and scoops got the snow out of the streets, they apparently also scooped up all the trash and left it in the snow piles as well.

Now that it’s getting warm enough, is it time to organize a community clean up to get things nice and tidy again? Does anyone have any ideas on where the biggest trouble spots are? Additionally, has anyone organized one before?

I know we can all pick up the trash in front of our homes without making  a day of it, but it just strikes me that it would be more enjoyable if this were a community event and I know there are some areas that aren’t any particular person’s responsibility.


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2 Comments on “Is it Time for a Neighborhood Clean Up?”

  1. Brett Says:

    I did the south side of the 600 block on Princeton yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as I expected

  2. Dawn Says:

    Yes! A group of a dozen of us from the 400 block of Irving and Kenyon–self-named the “Parkview Beautification Crew”–have banded together to take on the trash in our community. We have been cleaning up our block for almost a year now and are looking for others on nearby blocks to join and expand our efforts. If anyone is interested, we would love to hear from you!

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