Notes From the Park View UNC Meeting, 3/3/2010

The meeting of the Park View UNC at the Rec Center was actually two meetings. The first half of the evening was the general meeting and that was followed by a special budget meeting conducted by treasurer, Lauri Hafvenstein.

Highlights from the general meeting were:

  • ANC 1A08 commissioner Cliff Valenti announced that there had been an increase in car break ins along Georgia Avenue. Valenti also mentioned that Landex Corporation, the chosen developer for Park Morton, would be at the next ANC 1A meeting to provide an update on the project. Lastly, the organization Chime will be before the commission seeking a grant to teach kids to sing at the Park View school.
  • Graffiti — and more specifically Tagging — was brought up as a public service announcement by Kent Boese in response to the recent tagging along Warder. David Vacca, representing Councilmember Graham’s office, indicated that the council is moving forward on new anti-graffiti legislation that would make it easier for the City to remove tagging from private property. Under the proposal, the City would only have to wait 10 days for a property owner to respond to a request to abate graffiti to be able to take action in removing graffiti.
  • The discussion on the Bruce-Monroe school development was lively. A representative from the Deputy Mayor’s Office of Economic Development was there to announce the up coming meeting on May 8th at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School at 6:30 p.m. located at 770 Kenyon Street, NW. The meeting will focus on the interim use of the Bruce-Monroe site. General questions focused on why the school was close in favor of using the Park View site as a temporary location, what would happen to the Park View school after a new Bruce-Monroe was built, and just general frustration with the process. There were no real answers beyond becoming involved in the current series of meetings that are examining the issue.
  • During the general comments there was a discussion on the increase in the real estate taxes this year, where the 10% cap had been removed and how it is causing a hardship for many of the communities long-time residents. David Vacca will look into that. The issue of how well the city did with the recent snow removal was also discussed at length.

At the Budget meeting, the reality was that the UNC currently has just under the funds it needs to print the year’s worth of newsletters. While some time was spent on what the cost of the newsletter should be, unless a printer can be found that beats the current rate of 8¢ per page there is no reason to switch printers. It also was made known that not everyone in the community knows that the organization is fully supported and funded by residents in the community. There had been an assumption by some that the organization was supported by the city. While general ideas on the financial health of the UNC were examined, it was clear that there needs to be a follow-up meeting. Official notes from this part of the meeting will be forthcoming.

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