Hidden Columbia Heights Business Has Wonderful Street Art

I’ve long held that some of the most interesting things in the District are in the many alleys that are hidden to most. As I was walking to the Columbia Heights Metro the other day, I found one more example that supports that view.

In the center of the block bordered by Sherman, Columbia, 11th, and Irving, there is the J.C. Auto & Frame Repair shop. It is in the dead center of the block and not visible from the street unless you happen to peer down the alley.

I assure you its work a look. As you’ll see from the following photos, its painted in one continuous mass of street art.


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2 Comments on “Hidden Columbia Heights Business Has Wonderful Street Art”

  1. […] in the area may be more familiar with the building’s long history of having graffiti on it, much of it quite artistic. But the building is far from new. It was built in two phases with the oldest structure to the […]

  2. […] In any event, below are some photos of the current graffiti that is on the building. You can see photos of some of the graffiti that was there in 2010 here. […]

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