Could Park View Support a Grocery Store?

The Park View Market when it opening in 1923

Many discussions that focus on the future of Georgia Avenue tend to ask the question: “What do you want the avenue to be?” Its a fair enough question. For answers to questions like this, I tend to look backward to see what was there in hopes to get ideas of what a good mix of development might be for the future.

Park View Market interior, 1923

Among the things I’ve found are grocery stores. The Park View Market was located north of Park Road on the west side of Georgia Avenue. It was developed by Morris Cafritz and opened on January 10, 1923.

In reviewing an earlier article in the Washington Post, the market was designed to have 180 stalls, refrigerating compartments, covered an area of 200,000 sq. ft., and according to a boast of Mr. Cafritz, was the only market completed on the east coast at that time to be filled with daylight.

By 1949, the Park View Market had become an A&P Super Market. Also by 1949, the community had a Safeway that was just north of Princeton Place on the west side of Georgia Avenue (on part of the land now under construction for CVS).

Currently, the community is served by Murry’s on the 3400 block of Georgia Avenue and a handful of small markets.

In looking at the decennial censuses, 1950 records that there were 8,367 residents in the neighborhood. This is the most people recorded for living in Park View. From 1950 there was a steady decline with the 2000 census recording 4,480. With the opening of the Metro in 1999, Park View is poised to show its first population increase in over 50 years.

Taking all that into account:

  1. Should Park View have a grocery store?; and,
  2. Can Park View support a grocery store?


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6 Comments on “Could Park View Support a Grocery Store?”

  1. DCDave05 Says:

    I voted “yes.” But if Safeway demolishes its existing store at GA Avenue and Randolph, and rebuilds it at twice its current size (as has been proposed), that could very well satisfy my needs. Until that happens, I’ll continue to go outside Park View and Petworth for my grocery shopping.

  2. ParkRd Says:

    Yeah, we’re so close to the Giant in Co. Heights, we just take our cart there. I don’t really care for Murray’s at all. Their hours are really limited, too.

  3. Cliff Says:

    Keep in mind that plans for a new safeway, and the development of that property have been scrapped.

  4. DCDave05 Says:

    I was aware that the residential component of the Safeway rebuild was likely history, but I wasn’t aware that Safeway had officially abandoned its plans to rebuild that store.

  5. JM Says:

    What are the current plans for the Safeway? Will they continue to operate it as a health hazard, or will they close it down like Rhode Island Ave? Talk about Redlining…!

  6. IMGoph Says:

    more grocery stores are a better thing for this city, no matter what. it’s clear that there is still demand that is not being met.

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